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How to engage with AFCEA Join the Association

The first step is to join AFCEA (if you haven’t already done so). Once you are a member, you will receive advance announcements of events and activities, so you won’t miss an opportunity. Detailed membership information, including a full list of member benefits is available at .

Two Types of Membership

AFCEA’s membership is available in two ways – Individual & Corporate.

Members who join independently and manage their own memberships are individual members. Individual memberships are available for periods of one year, three years, or a lifetime. Discounted student memberships are also available for full-time students. As an individual member, you manage all aspects of your relationship with the Association.

Corporate membership is the conduit through which organizations join the Association. Employees are then designated to represent the organization as corporate associates. Corporate associates realize all of the same benefits of individual membership. A corporate associate’s membership, however, is predicated on their relationship with the parent organization. The membership is managed by the parent and continues as long as the parent organization directs.

Member Benefits Overview

One of the premier benefits of membership is realized through the networking and relationship building opportunities that AFCEA provides. AFCEA offers numerous opportunities to network by attending our conferences, exhibitions, and symposia throughout the year. These activities are hosted both by AFCEA International and our local chapters. Our online social networking venues offer virtual contact and relationship development as well. All members receive a subscription to SIGNAL Magazine (our premier professional journal of communications, electronics, intelligence and information systems). Additionally, membership entitles you to discounted rates for conference and event registrations and continuing education courses offered through the AFCEA Educational Foundation’s Professional Development Center.

Corporate membership includes several additional benefits for the member organization. One significant benefit is an increased level of visibility for your company. You realize this in several ways. First, your networking opportunities are multiplied by the number of corporate associates that you have actively engaged in the association. Our corporate members benefit by leveraging our network to strategically affiliate their members in many different chapters where their current and future customers and partners are located. The company’s visibility is also elevated through its capability listing in the SIGNAL Source Book. The Source Book is published in print annually and is distributed to the Association’s nearly 34,000 members.  There is also a version available online. It includes a direct link to your company website, is keyword search able, and can be updated directly by your corporate POC, 24×7. Corporate member organizations also receive substantial discounts on exhibit space at most AFCEA International events and at many chapter events.

Engage at the Chapter Level

Chapter Activities

Now that you are a member, get involved at the chapter level. AFCEA currently has over 130 chapters in 33 countries worldwide. These chapters are located near government and military installations, providing a convenient place where industry and government can meet in an ethical forum to discuss government’s technology needs and industry’s solutions. Most of our chapters have their own websites with information on current offerings, structure and leadership contacts.

Active involvement at the chapter level is the single best way to begin. First, make reservations to attend a monthly chapter luncheon or other function. Chapter events are a wonderful way to get to know your chapter and its personality. Although most members officially affiliate with only one chapter, you are welcome to attend activities in others as your interests dictate. You can also change your chapter affiliation at any time. Individual members can do this online through the member portal. Corporate associates should contact their organization’s corporate POC to request a change of their chapter affiliation.

Visit the AFCEA website for information on individual chapter locations and activities at:

Volunteer to Serve your Chapter

Our members often tell us that the greatest level of personal satisfaction and return on investment comes from rolling up their sleeves and working on a chapter committee or event. Chapters are entirely led and run by volunteers. Active participation within these smaller groups can result in greater recognition, visibility, and networking on a more personalized level. You can find contact information for leaders of each chapter on the AFCEA website.

Engage at the AFCEA International Level

AFCEA International Conferences & Events

Register to attend AFCEA International conferences and other events. AFCEA conferences offer problem-solving and knowledge-sharing opportunities for communications, intelligence, imaging and information systems professionals through exhibits, technical panels, professional paper presentations and speakers. Decision makers from around the world attend AFCEA conferences for hands-on demonstrations, question-and-answer sessions and system solutions.

AFCEA International Headquarters Committees

In addition to participating at the chapter level, AFCEA International Headquarters also has several standing committees: Cyber, Education, Membership, Homeland Security, Intelligence, Small Business, Strategic Development and Technology. To learn more or to volunteer to serve on an AFCEA International Committee, visit the committees’ page on the AFCEA website.

AFCEA Educational Foundation

Education is an AFCEA core value. The Association, in partnership with the AFCEA Educational Foundation, chapters and members worldwide, presents $1.6 million annually in scholarships, grants and awards to students in the “hard” sciences. This includes students in traditional university degree programs, the five service academies, ROTC programs, graduate schools and other educational settings.

The AFCEA Professional Development Center (PDC) complements the Association’s educational efforts by providing a wide-ranging program of continuing education and technical training courses. Discounted rates are offered for members.

AFCEA Online Communities

Another way to engage and to expand your professional connections beyond the limits of your geographical boundaries is by joining one or more of AFCEA’s online groups. Many professionals are joining and finding ways of connecting with friends, colleagues and peers using these social networking platforms. AFCEA has a group on two popular networking sites, Facebook and LinkedIn. Ever hear of Second Life? Even if you’re still working on your first one, this virtual environment platform features a number of simulations owned by government agencies and educational institutions.