Okinawa AFCEA chapter hosts 4th Annual TechNet Day

OKINAWA CHAPTER – Oct 22, 2015 4th Annual TechNet Day Features Cloud Theme The chapter held its fourth annual TechNet Day in October. With the theme of “Cloud-Based Unified Communications,” the event attracted 19 vendors, corporate sponsors and nearly 250 individual and group attendees throughout the day. Key features of the event included a keynote speaker, the presentation of three $1,000 STEM Teacher Scholarship Awards and 10 new chapter Life Memberships, vendor exhibits and two fabulous buffet meals (breakfast sponsored by FireEye and lunch sponsored by IronBow Technologies). The chapter thanks AFCEA International’s Member and Chapter Services team and the chapter’s two corporate members, American Engineering Corporation and GL BroadBand. The chapter also celebrated its 41st year since being chartered on October 21, 1974.


Capt. Julian Kirk, USA, enjoys a demonstration of virtual reality goggles by NTT Docomo at the TechNet Day in October.


William Golden (c), eighth-grade science teacher at Ryukyu Middle School, is one of three Department of Defense District Schools-Okinawa recipients of a $1,000 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) scholarship award. Chapter President Master Gunnery Sgt. Arthur Allen III, USMC (l), presents the scholarship with Mike Davies, American Engineering Corporation and chapter vice president, public relations.


Sgt. Allen (l) receives a certificate of appreciation at the October event from Lt. Col. Nobuhito Ide, commander, 56th Aircraft and Warning Group, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, for the exchange activities and strong relationship between the chapter and his organization.


GL BroadBand, the chapter’s newest corporate member, is represented at TechNet Day in October by Ryo Iraha (l), technical assistant, NOC team, and Jason Durham, director of sales. Owner and CEO Paul Foulkes is not pictured.

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AFCEA chapter to host Okinawa TechNet Day

Date Posted: 2012-08-24 JapanUpdate

It’s a “first” for Okinawa, and Okinawa TechNet Day focusing on Communications in a constrained fiscal environment.

The day-long event sponsored by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Okinawa Chapter will take place September 14th at Camp Shields’ Crow’ Nest Club.  At total of 16 commercial vendors will participate, along with the Department of Defense Agencies and Military Departments.

Speakers will include U.S. Forces J-6 and panel senior enlisted leaders from all services.  Leaders of Japan’s Self-Defense Force and industry leaders are also slated to speak.  The event runs from 7:30 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.

A registration fee is required for those who choose to eat breakfast buffet, lunch, or the evening reception.  The fee is $10.00 for E-5 and below, and $20.00 for E-6 and above.  The seminar is free for those who choose not to eat.

Registration can be accomplished at / Registration is required for all attendees, says Adam W. Little, President of AFCEA Okinawa.

Middle school teacher wins local AFCEA technical scholarship


Date Posted: 2010-05-14; Source:

A $1,000 scholarship presented to a Lester Middle School teacher was a highlight of the just completed Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association meeting of it’s Okinawa Chapter.

Ms. Jennifer Cooper was awarded the scholarship from the 7th annual AFCEA Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Program. She’s a teacher at Lester Middle School. Some 60 members of the AFCEA witnessed the presentation. AFCEA International, established in 1946, is a non-pforit membership association serving the military, government, industry and academia as an ethical forum for advancing professional knowledge and relationships in the fields of communications, IT, intelligence and global security.

The Okinawa chapter was founded in 1974. Newly elected officers—Army LTC William J. Deagan as president and Air Force Lt. Col. Jason K. Sutton as vice president—were introduced by AFCEA secretary Gordon Bolton.

Information Technology Professionals: An increase in demand

Today’s world is undoubtedly more interconnected.   The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recently estimated that by the end of 2010 there would be two billion people online.  With this rapid increase in Internet users there will be an increased demand for technology savvy professionals.   The U.S. Department of Labor’s Economic news release predicts technology as one of the fastest-growing careers.    A particular area mentioned was information security.  The report included a 34-percentage increase for computer related field; with the most significant source of postsecondary education or training as bachelor’s degree.

Today, more than any time in the past, the U.S. Department of Defense depends on this vast and interconnected, global information infrastructure to conduct its operations.  So, how is this vast growing interconnected infrastructure remaining secure?  By employing information technology savvy professional, the U.S. Department of Defense ensures the most sophisticated interconnected networks remain secure.  By working with universities across the country, known as National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance (CAEs), DoD ensures the number of highly trained personnel remain strong.

The University of Maryland University College –Asia Division recently added several unique courses to address the increased demand for information technology savvy professionals.  These unique courses are in the following areas:  1) Information Assurance (IA), and 2) Cybersecurity.

Achieving information assurance (IA) requires more than possessing leading-edge technologies and superior operational capabilities.  It requires well-educated, highly skilled personnel in a variety of IA-related disciplines.   Finding and properly training an adequate number of such personnel is one of the most important challenges DoD faces.   In addition, a degree in cybersecurity prepares students for careers as information systems professionals, senior managers, and systems administrators responsible for information and security of those systems.

So, what if you want to land a job in information technology?  Are you worried about not having what it takes?  You may not be alone.  Many people may even get “jitters” when starting or making a career change.  Several years ago, one of my former professors (Dr. David Ward) said it best, “don’t be afraid of dusting your resume and making the required changes…if it means getting retrained or getting a new degree, then do what it takes.”   Many people might even be hesitant to explore a career in information technology.  This may even be compounded for those exploring a career in information security or cyber related field.

Consider looking into becoming an information technology professional in any of the above mentioned career fields.  Don’t be afraid of starting a new career or switching one.  With the increased demand and growth in information technology, you might just be the right person for the job!  It’s time think about technology as a career choice and ensuring our Nation remains secure.

General Amos, the 35th Commandant of the Marine Corp, recently released “the Commandant’s Planning Guidance 2010.”  One of the tasks includes and increase cyberwarefare capabilities/capacity.  COMMARFORCYBER – recommend option for increasing USMC cyberwarfare capabilities and capacity through staffing, MOS development, offensive and defensive operations, and joint cyber integration.